Scandinavian 1900′

Antique Stone Topped Silver Thimble

Scandinavian * Circa 1900

This elegant solid silver thimble has a rolled rim and smooth sides engraved with grapes and foliage. The front has a raised shield cartouche (not personalized). It is topped with an amethyst stone and the side is stamped with hallmarks for 830/1000 pure silver.

The condition is excellent with no holes, dents or repairs and the stone is perfect. It is about an American size 9 (15.5 mm diameter opening).

Price: 149 Euro

2 Antique Sterling Silver Thimbles

 American * Circa 1880-90s

One of these sterling silver thimbles is made by Ketcham & McDougall. Their logo is stamped inside the top along with ‘Sterling’. The size (10) is on the band. Thimbles with this band are shown on p. 70 (plate 39) of Gay Ann Rogers’ book American Silver Thimbles and she calls it ‘engraved band with abstract flowers’. The condition is excellent, crisp and in round with no holes or other damage.The second thimble was made by Stern Bros. and has a scrolling design with a beaded rim. It is a size 9 and has the Stern Bros. ‘S’ logo inside the top and their anchor mark on the band. It is also in excellent condition with no holes or damage. Neither thimble has personalization.

Price: 149 Euro

Antique Solid 9 Kt Gold Child’s Thimble

 English * Circa 1900s

This sweet little antique gold thimble is English and is solid 9 Ct gold. The sides have a basketweave style design and it has a rolled and engraved rim. The top is stamped “9 Ct – H & CO” (probably Heasman & Co in London).

The condition is excellent, in round with no holes, dents or repairs. It’s about an American child’s size 2 (11.5 mm diameter opening) and is nice and solid for its size (weighs 2.4 grams).

Price: 199 Euro

Antique Sterling Silver Finger Guard / Thimble

English * Circa 1870

This solid sterling silver (tested) finger guard or shield was worn on the index finger of the left hand and used to deflect the needle’s point as it was pushed through the fabric being stitched.

A regular thimble was used on the right hand.

It has all over ribbing. English silversmiths didn’t mark small items (and have to pay duty on them) until required to by law in the 1880s.

It’s in excellent condition with no holes, dents or wear and is about an American size 8 (15 mm diameter opening).

Some finger guards of this style are shown on p. 82 of Bridget McConnel’s book The Story of the Thimble and on p. 119 of Edwin Holmes’ Thimbles


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