Antique silver English hallmarked collectables thimbles

Vintage Enameled Stone Top Sterling Silver Thimble

Germany * Early-Mid 20th Century

This lovely solid silver thimble has handpainted enamel sides featuring a silhouette child or putti  playing pipes. A wavy engine turned guilloche design is engraved in the silver and shows through the translucent enamel. It is marked “Sterling” inside the top so was probably made for export.

The top is set with a moonstone with dimpled indentations. The condition is excellent with no damage to the silver, enamel or stone. It’s about an American size 8/9 (15.25 mm diameter opening).

Price: 200 Euro

Antique Sterling Silver Finger Guard or Shield

English * Circa 1870

This solid sterling silver (tested) finger guard or shield was worn on the index finger of the left hand and used to deflect the needle point as it was pushed through the fabric being stitched. A regular thimble was used on the right hand. It has hand engraving on the face and the band.

The condition is excellent, in round with no holes, dents or even needle marks. It’s about an American size 6 (14 mm diameter opening). Some of this style are shown on p. 82 of Bridget McConnel’s book The Story of the Thimble and on p. 119 of Edwin Holmes’ Thimbles.

Price: 250 Euro

Vintage Sterling Silver Engraved Thimble

Indian * Mid 20th Century

This lovely thimble is solid sterling silver (tested) that has been hand engraved on the sides with bright cut scrolling designs. 

The opening is 16.5 mm in diameter – about an American size 10. It is from the collection of Alta Thompson and was custom made for her in India in 1952, probably one of a kind. It was made by B. Motiwala. The condition is mint with no wear or damage. It is nice and solid and weighs 5.8 grams.

Price: 124 Euro


Vintage Enameled Sterling Silver Thimble

English * Circa 1930s

This lovely gilded sterling silver thimble has red enameled sides.

The translucent enamel is over an engine turned guilloche pattern.

The rim has English sterling hallmarks but they are rubbed.

You can see the Birmingham assay mark and the sterling lion.

Only the top of the date letter is visible and from that I can date it to the 1930s. It has a maker’s mark, also rubbed (C & ?).

The condition is excellent, in round with no holes or damage to the enamel or silver. It’s about an American size 9 (15.5 mm diameter opening).

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