Ancient & antique silver and gold thimbles

Victorian Sterling Silver Anglo-Indian Thimble, ca. 1890

Victorian sterling silver Anglo-Indian thimble from the time of the British Raj and made for the British market, ca. 1880-1900.

Not marked but tests as sterling.

Body decorated with repoussé work flowers and scrolls over a border of leaves. Beaded rim. Crown chased with a cross hatched pattern.

In original condition – not perfectly round but free of holes, dents and damage.

Looks quite naïvely made and charmingly ‘wonky’!

Height approx. 2.3 cm; internal base diameter 1.5 cm; weighs 4.8 grams.

Victorian Sterling Silver Forget-Me-Not
Keepsake Thimble, ca. 1850


Mid 19th century sterling silver ‘Forget-Me-Not’ keepsake thimble.

Plain knurled top over a stylised half leaf border, prick dot vacant cartouche and linear bands with the lettering FORGET ME NOT in relief on a reeded background. Faceted turn over rim.

There are no identifying marks (silver thimbles were not commonly hallmarked until the 1880s) though tests sterling silver.

A couple of needle scratches though otherwise in excellent condition – in round and free of holes, dents, damage and repairs.

Height approx. 2.5 cm; base diameter approx. 1.5 cm; weight 3 grams.

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